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Coming Soon… Orbital Rendezvous!

Announcing the First Game from Software Basement Tapes! Pilot your Orbiter from the Earth to the Moon, as well as other missions. Pending approval from the Windows® Phone Marketplace!, all this plus free upgrades can be yours for the low price of 99 cents.

Orbiter approaches LunaIn Orbital Rendezvous, you’ll pilot an Orbiter: a nimble, high-powered spaceship for travel in the Earth-Moon system and surrounding space. You’ll learn to launch your Orbiter, find your destination, and make a safe rendezvous. You’ll have to approach carefully and match velocities, or you’ll crash!

Besides From the Earth to the Moon, the free version of Orbital Rendezvous includes these missions:

  • Lunar Round Trip: Pilot your orbiter from the Earth to the Moon, and back again!
  • Meteor Swarm: Run to the Moon, but watch out for meteors!

And if you purchase Orbital Rendezvous, you’ll get additional missions:

  • Adrift: Rescue the crew of a derelict spacecraft!
  • Race to the Moon: You have two days to reach the Moon!
  • Space Station Supply Run: Deliver supplies to the Space Station!
  • L4: Test your piloting skills! Rendezvous with LaGrange Point 4!
  • Passenger Route: Deliver passengers to the Space Station and then to the Moon!

And more! Plus Secret, Top Secret, and Eyes Only missions that you can unlock by performing other missions.

Oh, and one more thing: great music! The soundtrack for this game is movement 1-Withinmyheartsslumberingsoul from Symphony of Sighs by Silvercord. We love this music, and we think it really adds to the outer space mood of the game. We bet you will, too.

Stay tuned to this site to learn when Orbital Rendezvous is released!

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