Heinlein’s Rules (ala Ellison)

For a long time, Dean Wesley Smith has been reminding us about Heinlein’s Rules for writing and selling:

  1. You must write.
  2. You must finish what you write.
  3. You must not rewrite unless to editorial demand.
  4. You must mail your story to an editor who will pay you money.
  5. You must keep it in the mail until someone buys it.

Harlan Ellison has amended #3 to add “And then only if you agree with it.”

Being the incurable UML geek that I am, I turned those rules (and Dean’s commentary in them) into this diagram (click for a larger version):

Heinlein's Rules (ala Ellison and Smith)

Drawing that diagram was the easy part. Following it will be the hard part.

Following up on yesterday’s post, login problems have been corrected, and my last finished story is now in the slush pile of an editor.

Back to the diagram…

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