Saturday Surprise III: John Carter

So after lunch and the book tour, we finally got together with the family for our original purpose: John Carter. As someone who fell asleep half-way through “The Phantom Menace” and less than a quarter through whatever that second prequel was called (and didn’t even bother with the third), I was surprised and pleased to see old-fashioned space opera done right: likable characters, a believable story (with a slow spot here or there), and lots of exciting action. I haven’t read the books yet; but brother-in-law Buck has, and he says it was pretty faithful within the limits of a two-hour film. Buck even liked it enough to see it twice on Saturday!

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5 Responses to Saturday Surprise III: John Carter

  1. Epee Bill says:

    Wow. That was a full Saturday! No wonder we couldn’t catch up on Sunday!

  2. admin says:

    Heh. Those were only the surprises. Then there was the furniture moving, the plant moving, the cooking, the laundry…

    Oh, and the groceries. The original plan was a movie at 3:45 followed by grocery shopping. Well, the movie showing was 9:45 p.m. (after an Applebee’s dinner); so it was 1 a.m. by the time I got to the grocery store. Which of course meant 2 a.m. thanks to Daylight Savings Time. By the time I got done finding the gluten free stuff et al. in an unfamiliar store, it was after 3. It was 4 by the time I got the groceries home and put away.

    So yeah, driving back into GR in time for epee was not on my radar…

  3. Anita Buckowing says:

    Hey-sorry that my wonky schedule contributed to your late night and non-fencing on Sunday.

    • admin says:

      No need to be sorry! I got to hear a pro author speak on writing! That would’ve never happened on our original schedule.

  4. Anita Buckowing says:

    True. That WAS a nice benefit for both of us (thanks again for the book and for waiting to get it signed).

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