Ulterior Motive Lounge is now available for Kindle Fire!

In my other life, I design and write software for a living. And when I design, I make a lot of use of the Unified Modeling Language, which I’ve also taught in the past.

In 2008 and 2009, I took an experimental approach to teaching UML: I created Ulterior Motive Lounge, the world’s first (and still only, as far as I know) UML comic strip. The UML Guy, The Reader, and a cast of dozens went on a trip through time, space, and 80s movies and TV shows, diagramming the plots and generally running amok. I had around 300 loyal fans; and they didn’t just show up for the jokes, they learned and asked questions.

Now the Lounge is available for Kindle and Kindle readers, and is optimized for the Kindle Fire:

Revised Cover - Cropped

And to just make my day… I already sold a copy, before I even announced it!

If you’re a software geek… Or if you know a software geek… Or if you need to communicate with software geeks… Or if you really like bad movie jokes… Then take a look!

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