the Game Shelf

Here's where you'll find information on our games, both released games and upcoming titles. All games run on the  Windows® Phone 7 platform, and are sold through the Windows® Phone Marketplace. Pending approval.

  • Orbital Rendezvous - Pilot your Orbiter from the Earth to the Moon, as well as other missions.
  • Orbital Defender - You're back in your Orbiter; but this time, the stakes are higher! Fight off invading aliens, and avoid bombs and missiles. In development.
  • Orbital Launch Control - The third game in the Orbital series. In this game, you're in charge of ground defenses. Create defense shields, fire missiles, and protect your citizens and your Orbiters. In development.
  • Shades of Gray - Shift tiles from gray to black to white and back again, trying to capture stones in the process. How quickly can you capture all the stones? In development.
  • Eclipsit - Slide disks to eclipse other disks, and score points for each disk eclipsed. In development.
  • RB3 - In development.